The Smoke Returns

Each morning when I awake, I usually look up and out toward the sky to see if the sun is bright, or the sky looks dull. This morning, the sky was once again dull, not much sunshine was popping through the California fire’s smoke fog. Yuck.

I took a quick ride to the party store earlier for some adult beverage supplies, my mask strapped on tight. Note, people here generally don’t call a 7-11 store a party store.

Apparently, this is a Michigan term. In the photos, the Las Vegas Strip looks incredibly hazy, fully engulfed in the nasty, thick smoke fog. In the next photo, our 7000 foot Gass Peak which is many many miles northeast of me, is a bit difficult to see because of you guessed it.

It’s gross looking and sad, isn’t it? Gladly, I’ve not contracted another damn headache from the smoke today. The last image is Lone Mountain, it does stand alone from it’s much larger neighbours to the west and is a favorite hike for Vegas locals.

Not me though thanks to my heart problem. I was diagnosed with CHF in 2002 but I’m still alive and kicking, baby! Never let crap like that slow you down, gotta keep moving on!

10 thoughts on “The Smoke Returns

    • It’s ridiculous, isn’t it!! The southwest drought just rolls on. It looked like a spit of rain may fall this afternoon, but nope! Two years in a row, the monsoon season has gone belly-up. The flip side for me is how sad it is seeing so many people suffer from not only the evil virus, yet still, be beaten up by the completely unpredictable hurricane season. Not what America needs these days…

      • You are so right! I think 2020 needs to be erased from the record books along with the entire Trump administration. I truly believe if we had better leadership, we would be back to some kind of normalcy by now. Too much death & suffering around the world! Pray fir better times ahead and for healing! 🙏🏻

  1. Smoke in the boy’s room without smokin’ in the boy’s room. It’s been smokier here as well. Harry said they are getting smoke from the Cali fires in the Netherlands. Cali won’t leave anyone alone.

  2. We are also suffering from the thick smoke up here in Canada. A long way for the smoke to go, but it’s definitely here and doesn’t want to leave. I’m hoping this week’s forecast rain will help.

  3. In the last few days there have been several locations around here where you could see the smoke from the western fires. Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio and Indianapolis all have seen and felt the effect of the smoke, though not as much as you have.

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