Grilled Sausages!

This is the first food that’s been grilled in several months, thanks very little to the extreme, extended heatwave that has pounded Las Vegas basically all summer long.

It’s still a bit warm at ninety-six degrees just now, but that’s almost a world of difference as compared to the one-hundred ten degrees and hotter this summer.

It’s so much simpler, easier to cook sausages on the grill than the greasy, spattering mess that is cooking in the kitchen. And the flavour?

Oh my gosh, the difference is so obvious between the two methods of cooking. Of course, I had to eat one of the sausages. It’s a tough deal but someone has got to try them!

4 thoughts on “Grilled Sausages!

    • They are sooo good, Timothy! I had to eat a BP pill though, to compensate for the sodium. An equitable trade… πŸ˜‚

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