It’s Taco Sunday!

This morning I headed out the door to the party store for some adult refreshments for later today. Of course, I had to remember that my favourite local taco shop is very near the store, so I caved in and headed there too.

This time, the tacos were a bit more stuffed with extra shredded beef and cheese too. Yum! Sorry Taco Hell, but your tacos just pale in comparison to the real thing. Some years ago, there was a rumor going around that Taco Hell (bell) was using horse meat in their food.

I still doubt that was true, but those tacos still suck regardless! I pay nine dollars for these three tacos, and I’ll guarantee you that it’s worth every red cent. Yum!

On a very different note here, on the way to the store, I came upon a really horrendous sight. Under a completely cloudless and sunny sky, and almost zero traffic on this particular four-lane road, two vehicles managed to have an unbelievably violent head-on crash.

Seriously? How the **** did this happen? Occasionally, I will snap a photo of an accident, but this one was sickening, and there were fire and police all around of course. No photo. My reaction was both one of dismay, and of anger as well.

One or both of these morons must have been seriously intoxicated in one form or another. All of this got me deep-thinking about my decision to remain in Las Vegas after divorce number three, the final divorce. I’ve drawn one very large conclusion from what I’ve seen today.

And that is that there is an inordinate number of assholes living in Las Vegas. That accident never should have occurred in the real world. There’s just no ******* excuse for this. And it’s not the first time that I’ve seriously questioned my decision to stay here. I stayed in Nevada for the wonderful year-round climate.

And not to be so close to the multitude of freaking morons that live here. I am sick to death of these people. I am tired of seeing so much ignorance on full public display, almost daily in so many different ways. I could easily write a full post, complete with photography on this subject.

All of this said, do I sincerely want to remain here in Las Vegas? The answer is yes, for now. I may reconsider this in time to come after the CORONA virus has run it’s course and is gone. Never thought I could say this actually as I really do like the city and the beautiful Mojave Desert. But these people will be the end of my life here.

The only place I would consider moving to is Michigan, my home state. Back to the friendly people I left behind seven years ago. To a life that I’m of course familiar with, it’s a big matter though, of readjusting to life under gray skies, snow, icy and salty roads, and a summer full of biting bugs and mosquitos. Another big decision in this life.

12 thoughts on “It’s Taco Sunday!

  1. Wow, I never thought you’d ever consider leaving Las Vegas. I do understand your concerns. It is sin city, and many people are living a self-entered life with a very different moral compass.
    The tacos looks fabulous. There is many incredible Mexican places in Vegas. Actually one of the things I miss the most. I’ve actually dreamed about ordering Mexican food several times…LOL Stay safe and sane this week my friend.

    • Wow, you really miss tacos!! I thought about them this morning too, just got up!

      I am just sooo tired of the idiots here. So many very stupid things happening because of people who apparently have zero brains. Of course, not everyone here is like this, but it’s really wearing thin with me after seven years, Maria. I stay here for the climate and desert beauty.

      Not the people. My new dental hygenist is also from Michigan, she has the same thought. The people here are not ‘us’ as she said, and she is correct. People here are very selfish, very angry people that care only about themselves and doing stupid bullshit. Sorry for the rant.

  2. Seems like you would enjoy life better back with family, even in the cold and snow. Another adjustment, but it sounds like it might be better for you in the long run. Wilson could come with you. 🙂

    • He would go with me, Lavinia!! hehe! You may be right, but this virus thing has to be gone completely before I can consider this further.

        • It’s been over one year now since I’ve actually seen any family, Lavinia. Nobody could have known this freight train was gonna hit us blindside… I’m very tired of things the way they are… Isn’t everyone?

  3. Accidents like that happen out here a lot. People are nuts and there are drivers with multiple DUIs still out running into people. A health official said that traffic accidents are way down in New Mexico because of less traffic, but the fatality rate is up because people are driving faster and more carelessly because there are fewer cars on the road, Go figure.

    There was always talk when I was in grade school about the cafeteria using horse meat. I didn’t figure it made much difference other than horses are cuter than cows and I rode horses. When we were in Spain, the locals said the Chinese places used stray dogs and cats for their meat. The only restaurants we ever ate in Madrid, Spain were the Chinese restaurants because they were the only places we could get truly hot and spicy food. If they used stray dogs and cats we ate them.

    • Oh my gosh, sorry about the meat. I’m happy to remain here in the States. I’ve no idea about the accident crap, I just know damn well that there is none, and never will be, reasons why this happeded. it’s totally ludicrous. As a country, we are well beyond being in deep shit.

      This is actually the forst time in seven years here, Timothy, that I’ve seriously considered leaving Nevada. There are no other towns that I have any interest in here. I already know exactly where I would move to back in Michigan… Boyhood memories on a special lake draw me back…

      • A friend I grew up with lives in LV. He’s not happy there, either. He got fired from his tech job at the Wynn recently for being an old white guy. The only people safe to fire these days. It’s just as well. He said lots of COVID cases popping up at the Wynn.

        It’s probably a good time to sell if real estate is hot in LV like is out here. My programmer’s dad sold his aunt’s house two weeks ago after she passed away. The house sold within hours of it being listed for $13k above the asking price.

          • I never thought LV was a place anyone would want to live in and enjoy it. But a lot of people will say that about Albuquerque, and anywhere I suppose.

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