Gassy Pigs

In my Michigan hometown shown here, we sometimes call these LP tanks a Pig. I don’t know where the usage of the word pig began to describe these tanks, but it’s been around a very long time. Some of you know that I cleaned up the Weber grill yesterday. I went to the hardware store this morning for a new pig. They had just one left.

I paid $21.66 for a refilled, used tank, and headed home. Later today, I was going to grill up some chicken, but when I screwed the hose onto the pig, the hose would not make a proper seal with the pig. Damn. I drove back to the hardware hoping that the store had had a delivery of fresh propane. Nope!

The store refunded my cash, gave me an empty tank which is normal, and home I went. Tomorrow, I’ll be on a pig hunt, I’m not sure who else sells LP gas around here but I’ll find those little twenty pound swines somewhere!

4 thoughts on “Gassy Pigs

  1. I’ve never heard the name pig for them before 🙂 When I lived in my RV for a couple years I had two small ones, and sometimes when I worked at big ranches propane was part of my salary and they hooked me up to a big one.

    • It’s apparently a very regional name for them, Maria. Life in this city is very different, a different lifestyle from my home.

  2. We used to have LP for the house. That was a pain and expensive to fill a 500 gallon tank two or three times a year. We finally got natural gas which is a much better deal. We use the 20 pound tanks for the grill. It was only $15 for a tank with exchange when I bought a full tank at the beginning of summer.

    • You got a better deal on the tank than I did, nice. One of the homes I had in Michigan had that 500-gallon tank and man it was painful back then fill that hungry pig up! This was in the 1990s too. Natural gas is a much better deal, everything at my place uses it. So much better for cooking with its instant heat. The clothes dry faster too.

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