A Mother’s Love

My mother loved her grandchildren and their children with all of her beautiful little heart as you can see in this sweet photo. The pillow is in the guest house at my folk’s place back home. I usually stay in this cute, tiny house when visiting. Thanks to the damned virus, it’s been over one year now since I’ve seen my family. No flying for me just yet.

Love you, momma.

17 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. John, your beautiful mother made a very charming and lovely pillow.
    And most important right now to stay safe and strong. And healthy.

  2. You’re so right, John. Just hold off. Things will resolve themselves one of these days. I think we may have a tough winter ahead, but then things will ease with the better weather and with the development of vaccines, etc.

          • There’s an injectable vaccine, nasal spray vaccine and oral vaccine that are showing positive results in clinical trials.

            The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is pure love. (Let the parents deal with all the other stuff!)

            • Really? That’s great, David!

              One of my neices said that her grandma came to visit her a few times after she passed. The niece was a little girl at that time, and I 100% believe her!

          • It can get very depressing. We used to go to Montana every year and loved it. Now the border is closed, so that’s not an option, even if we did want to take a chance, but I’m feeling like I don’t want to be in the States just now with all the lawlessness going on. I feel sorry for the regular people who now can’t count on police to help them if they need them, and who are being victimized by thugs under the guise that they are peaceful protestors. Any fool can see that throwing bricks at other people is not a part of a peaceful protest – not to mention burning businesses and intimidating people at restaurants. Such disgusting excuses for human beings! Oops! Who put that soapbox under my feet?

    • lovely pillow and I have to agree, the best thing is to stay away because the worst thing would be giving them the virus! Stay safe.

      • I totally agree my friend, we’ve all agreed to wait until June, 2021 for our usual Christmas gathering. I miss mom every single day. 🙏🏻

        • I hope she is one of the elderly to use technology to keep in touch. Sadly many seem too intimidated to even try. Hopefully you can visit her soon.

          • Mum passed in 2012, I apoligise for not being more specific. She never liked cell phones, but used her flip-phone. My dad is 92 and uses his iPhone pretty well!

            • Ah, sorry, I understand, my Mum passed a few years ago also, she was only 65. She loved photography and I miss her to bits. Think of her most times I press the shutter button.

    • Thanks! I’ve been directly near our McCarran International a couple times recently, the number of flights have increased, but I say it’s just too soon. Common Sense needs to make a major comeback in America today.

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