A Quick Note About This Blog

Since the first day Las Vegas Photo blog, or Photoblog, was on the internet, I have had a standing set of rules that I operate the blog by when it comes to follows, both businesses and what I consider spam follows. Businesses are always deleted as soon as I find them, period.

These site owners are only seeking free advertising for their own bank accounts, and are not true followers. Click, you are gone. The other sites that are removed are those that are obvious spammers and trust me, there are several that try to follow this blog over and over.

Others that have no About page, or have a few as two or three “posts” are removed. Why? I’ve tried hard to keep the Follower count as close to actual as is possible. If you find your Follow has been removed, consider the above. This is how it will continue to be.

I’ve operated this site like this since 2016, although the posts here don’t reflect that many years. I’ve had to remove hundreds upon hundreds of posts, thanks to WordPress’ greed and not offering individual storage space upgrades. WordPress sucks it.

I routinely remove anywhere from five to twelve spam and business follows each day. It’s tiresome and it’s a bullshit hassle I don’t like to deal with, but as long as this site is an active domain on the internet, these will be my standing rules.

Last week, I renewed this domain for one more year which is something I wasn’t sure I would do, I do hope to continue blogging with my wonderful friends here for another year though, and see less spam in the year to come. COVID 19 be damned.