8 thoughts on “Have Pig Will Cook!

  1. I just love bbq. It could be chicken, pork, beef, doesn’t matter. If it’s bbq’ed I love it. Do you call it “barbecued” or some other term like rotisseried or grilled? I remember going into Safeway in Omak one time and asking if they had barbecued chickens and the deli server looked at me as if I’d just beamed down from Mars. … Then … “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you mean rotisserie chicken?” she said.

    • I am familiar with the word Rotisserie, but back home we always call this Barbecued chicken. The grocery up the way has a big rotisserie unit that can cook several full chickens at once, that smells sooo good! I don’t have any BBQ sauce, dang it! Maybe I can try some BBQ sauce in my next pot of chili? May not be soo good.

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