Last Night’s Sky

I was hoping for a much more moody sunset photo late yesterday, but as the afternoon progressed, the sky became clearer. So much so that this photo was taken looking east instead! The palm tree photo is here just because I love these trees.

5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Sky

    • If you sent me your email here a couple days ago, I do remember you. Why the hell didn’t you identify yourself? I can’t read minds, and have a very stringent spam policy.

      • Sorry, I am going by a completely different email. I hoped by reading my first Post, you would get it. Even your friend thought it would be fun to let you solve the mystery. Finally, I just decided to add a familiar picture. Please Forgive Me!

    • Absolutely! It’s apples and oranges, the difference the clouds make. No clouds around today, just the sunshine…

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