A Bit of Paint Touch up

Yesterday afternoon, I busted out what is left of the one-gallon can of paint from last year, when I had the entire interiour of my home repainted. Since then, the paint has the usual signs of daily wear and tear. Hey, I found another little home project, right! I do like to paint, but absolutely do not like my skin and clothes to have paint on them.

I’ll never be a painter, right? Anyway, the toughest part of this little project was getting the paint properly remixed, it had of course separated as paint does. Just keep on grinding away with that wooden stir stick. I considered taking the paint to the hardware store for a proper shaking in the machine, but Nah. I’ll do it the hard way.

This small flat area usually has my Navajo pottery on it, but also the Ransvaal Money Machine and those cute wooden birds. I bought from one of my followers via there Etsy shop. The Master Bedroom had one nice scrape in one area as did the hallway where I stuffed the couch the other eve when trying a new living room arrangement.

All done! This paint is a completely unique colour I had mixed up for this home. There are two gallons of the white paint leftover from the garage being repainted as well. The experience of repainting the inside of this house was terrible, period. The company I chose were assholes, a lesson learned! Next time, all painted by hand. Now for the exteriour paint of the home…