The Crappy iPhone Photo

Last night I was hanging out in the backyard with the iPhone going through my Instagram account and the blog. I took a quick photo above me with the phone. Of course, the photo really sucked since it was so dark. Finding the photo this morning, I started trying to rescue it. This is the result, believe me, it’s far better than it was! I’d go nutty without my photo hobby.

11 thoughts on “The Crappy iPhone Photo

  1. I often do that too with my bad photos. I for example like to go full art-style with them. In the end, for me, photography was never just about showing the best stuff but actually also about making make bad photos look interesting. Those photos give you a reason to tinker with your tools, and that is what a hobby is about. Tinkering with the stuff you’re interested in. I like your result. It looks artsy and reminds me of 2d art used in some PC games. It would also make a good postcard, a background for a slogan (meme), or anything like that. I like it! But as said, I am biased as I do that too 🙂

    • That’s great, thank you, Dennis! I really do enjoy using photo applications on my MacBook. I’d go nutty without this hobby, the lockdown in mind. I just don’t get out that often these days for new photos though. Blah…

      • Yes, I’d go crazy too. I slowed down a lot too with taking new photos, although we don’t have it that bad here in Germany with COVID. But I had some other time limiting issues, and a row of minor health issues. But honestly, I will never catch up with my library. There are probably still 10k unedited images. So, I could be a couch potato for quite a while until I run out of material 😀

        Anyway, it’s also still about taking photos, so yeah… sooner or later, we’d go nutty without that aspect as well.

        • I too have many gigs of photos tucked away in the cloud and on an external hard disk, a solid state drive. I’ve drawn on them rather heavily since the virus reared it’s evil head.

          • I should really get an external drive too. At the moment I have backups on a second internal hard drive. Unlikely that both drives go kaputt but still, I like the idea of external hard drives.

            What cloud are you using? DropBox? I probably should do that too for extra protection.

            • Dropbox. I used the Gewgull version until two years or so ago when I dumped everything Google that I could, including that email address. Google is evil. Dropbox has some odd things about it, but still far better.

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