The Lake in The Desert

You’ve probably seen this lake before, perhaps not this little bay. The lake does have a name, but it escapes me. There are no engines or powerboats of any kind allowed on any of these man-made lakes, hence the very small boats you see with electric motors on the stern.

The only engine I’ve seen here is a small outboard engine, used by the company that treats the water for aquatic growth, and whatever else is in there. They aren’t very deep and do have fish stocked in them. Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone swimming either!

As you can see, the ducks (and geese) love this place, an aquatic oasis in the middle of nowhere, Mojave Desert. I suspect that over the many years these man-made lakes have become an integral part of the north-south migration flight path that geese and other birds use a a waypoint. Such smart birds, aye?

5 thoughts on “The Lake in The Desert

    • I so agree, Anneli! There are usually a few different ducks at the lakes, sometimes your Canadian Geese too. I’ve heard flocks of them pass over my house several times, that familiar honking going on loudly! A little taste of Michigan. 🇨🇦🇺🇸

  1. Lovely images, it’s funny how they afford more protection to manmade things like this than many of the natural places in the world that actually need protection.

    • That’s a good point. The lake I grew up on in Michigan didn’t allow outboard engines or snowmobiles throughout the year.

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