This Ski Doo’s For You!

Last night, I came across this fun old TV commercial for the Elan model Ski Doo, a sled that members of my family owned in the early 1970s when our family traveled to northern lower Michigan almost every weekend to ride hundreds of miles on our sleds, and always pulling a trailer sled that had all of the food and booze for a nice campfire late in the day. Those days of riding were great fun, so many wonderful memories! Sadly, most of those family members, aunts, and uncles have passed. They are gone now, yet they still and will live on in my heart.

10 thoughts on “This Ski Doo’s For You!

  1. Oh I can imagine you all had a total blast on those, John. It’s a wonderful thing to have happy family memories…thanks for sharing yours.

    • Hi Jet, thanks! So many wonderful memories from the 1970s. Precious memories. I still miss riding snowmobiles so much, after 7 years in the desert!

    • Hi Anneli, they always have been very noisy even with the stock exhaust system. Put some custom exhaust, like expansion chambers on the engine and you’ve got way more noise. Noise that I still love!! Maybe today’s four-cycle engines are quieter unlike the 2-cycle engines. These little sleds were so fun to ride with either the one or two cylinder option. 🥰😎

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