A Ride in The Haze

The forecast for Las Vegas today is for haze, but this is some really serious haze. in one photo, you see the Las Vegas Strip just smothered in the haze, some of which is smog. This has me wonder if there’s some smoke fog involved. You can also look directly down two runways at Nellis AFB too.

I have no idea what model jet is in one photo, but there were several of them launching at the same time which is exciting for me as a lover of aircraft of any kind. One photo has a Mirage in it as I passed the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If I recall correctly, viewing the Strip and the Base is better in the cooler months.

I just needed a good break from being stuck at home so much, it was nice to get out, even if it was under the very hazy desert sky, but it’s always nice to be back on my favorite couch potato place!

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