The City in The Valley

I’ve dug deep in my archive this morning for these old photos that were taken from the east side of the valley. This location gives you a birds-eye view of the entire city, with the fault line visible many miles beyond near Red Rock Canyon. Today’s forecast is for haze and a warm 100 degrees. The summer heat is hangin’ on…

4 thoughts on “The City in The Valley

  1. Just to get my bearings right, but Red Rock Canyon is located in the Spring Mountain Range? So that’s what Art Bell was talking about on last week’s “Somewhere in Time”. He thought about buying an experimental aerocar — it looks like a sedan with wings — that he could fly over the mountains between Pahrump and Las Vegas. He said it would save over an hours commute time as he’d be able “to fly over the mountain into Las Vegas in 15 minutes”.

    • I suppose he could do that, but just driving is probably safer. The North Las Vegas Airport would be a good place to land though. I guess you could say RRC is on the edge of the range, but you can’t see it unless your right on it’s edge. Mount Charleston and Fletcher Peak are both just under 12,000 feet…

    • Thanks!! Oldie photos but goodies. I haven’t been on the Strip in a long time now, supposedly, more venues are to reopen or already have. I still say it’s a really bad decision.

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