15 thoughts on “The Autumn Beetle

    • Nope! Just an old beetle with its top chopped off! The darn thing actually ran when we got it in the 90s! It’s seen many a bitter Michigan winter. 👍🏻

        • So you’re a gear shiting expert! Too many Millenials and others today have zero idea about how to work a manual transmission. My sister owned one years ago, that is my only experience with them. I like the air-cooled engine thing too. If I am not mistaken, this car was developed by Adolph Hitler.

            • It’s not unlike riding a bike to use an old cliche’. Ya don’t forget. I do miss the jamming of gears these days! My current pickup has an auto trans, but in the 90s, I had basically the same truck with a five-speed manual. It needed new clutch plates at 70K miles… 😂

          • I drove gear shift cars most of my life and for the most part I drove pickup trucks. I got my first automatic transmission car about 10 years ago, and spent the first year of that stomping on the floor mat with my left foot, and reaching in the air for the gear shifter every time I came to a stop sign.

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