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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of doctor visits! Always try to stay away from the doctor’s office. I too am amazed at how much salt is in processed foods and other foods. So bad! It’s out of control, how much salt is in foods today. Walkthrough any grocery store and randomly look at the salt levels, wow!

  2. I have to check my blood pressure so many times a month, to be sure its behaving itself. Although, I have being doing it once a month for some time after neglecting to check previously.
    I do it once a month while it continues to behave itself.

    • That’s so good that you keep an eye on your BP, Liz! I hope you don’t have chronic high blood pressure or diabetes! Be well. 🙏🏻❤️

      • I don’t have have high blood pressure now and haven’t for a few years now and so med free. But I still keep check and so do the doctors because one time for years, I did have high blood pressure and used to be on meds.
        I don’t have diabetes either. I am in good health.

          • I certainly plan to. I had been on blood pressure medication from my early 20’s originally.
            I was took off them one point while being monitored when I was back at my old doctors, as it was seamt so unusual to be on blood pressure tablets from that age.
            I was off them then I think for about 2 years before being put back on them.

            Years later, at a new doctors, they questioned too. But kept me on them. One point reduced to a lower dosage, but had to go back to previous dosage.
            I then went on even more of a healthy eating than before and looked at everything I ate. Starting with watching the salt. (I don’t add salt to anything, but was shocked at some odd ready meals I had now again, their content and so avoided.) I then did same with the sugar when it came to labels.
            I think then, about a year later from doing this, I didn’t feel good. All the signs to me of my blood pressure. Except it couldn’t have been high, with what I was doing. So I wondered if it had gone low. Had my reading done nearby and it was fine. Had some more dizzy spells again later, but not as bad, so went back to docs. He took me off my meds. I also invested in my own blood pressure monitor and for several weeks, I had to go back to doctors to see nurse and have bp checked. On final check, I had my heart checked and doctor decided to keep me off them as everything seemed to be ok. But I was to do my own readings and go back if it ever went up. And they check too.
            I had a couple of moments where I thought I would be back on them. But when I would see doctor advised, he said everything is fine. So I said why has the nurse told me to come and see you then, because the way she spoke on my last check, she was concern. He shown me readings and I could see they were fine. So nurse causes unecessary upset.
            There are times where at docs I can have that ‘whitecoat effect’ so it’s best if I do at home. But I didn’t even have that on the ocassion the nurse got me worried. So I don’t know what she was playing at.

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