Bonnie Springs Railroad

Some of you will have seen this photo before and listened to me carry on about how the damned property developers purchased and tore down Bonnie Springs Ranch. Sorry. This photo of their miniature railroad was taken well before the place was sold out to greedy people.

This is one of my better photos, in my opinion, the train was used to ferry people from the parking areas to the ranch which also had a restaurant. The sign is still up at the road though, why?

6 thoughts on “Bonnie Springs Railroad

  1. Bonnie Springs is one of those places we all think about when the conversation turns towards
    “the good old days”. Everyone has their ‘Bonnie Springs’ that has since become a cherished memory.

    I understand the owner, who passed away in 2016 at age 94, had operated the ranch for 60 years. Her passing very much sealed the fate of Bonnie Springs. Artifacts remain because developers understood what the ranch meant to generations of locals and visitors.

    Maybe with some foresight, there might have been a stipulation that the ranch continue to operate — unless it was not the owner’s wish for whatever reason.

    • Thanks for the info, David. I’m like many people who aren’t thrty years young anymore. Change can sometimes totally suck…

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