Red Rock Canyon Proper

In this image, you are looking west and at what I believe is the east end of the canyon proper. You can not see the canyon as it’s only visible when in front of you. Basically a major cut or gash on the surface of the desert. It’s huge, really huge, and worth the entry fee into this BLM managed park which also has a thirteen mile very scenic and beautiful drive. At the moment, I don’t know what the entry fee is though, sorry.

16 thoughts on “Red Rock Canyon Proper

  1. When we lived in Peccole Ranch in the ’90’s, I had a beautiful view of Red Rock Canyon from our master bedroom, but then again, Summerlin hadn’t expanded yet south of Charleston. I would take the kids to Red Rock hiking regularly and there was no entrance fee … that was in the discussion phase and implemented after we had moved. I always loved that little slice of quiet beauty removed from the usual hustle and bustle of Vegas.

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    • Hi Ingrid, I lived in Peccole Ranch when I was married, it’s a nice area. People I’ve talked to about the growth here say it has exploded. Areas that are now built up were open desert back then. There shouldn’t be an entrance fee! That 12 mile scenic loop was completely repaved about three years ago.

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      • We used to live near the brand new Piggott Elementary School. (was recently completed when we moved there) My girlfriend and I would walk the kids to school and then go on our hour+ walk. Hualapai Way was dirt and barren desert on the western edge of Peccole Ranch. I enjoyed living there. I worked for a high-end builder who was building in the TPC Golf Course area. Gosh, seems like a lifetime ago.

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    • Thank you! This area was once a shallow sea around 200 million years ago. There are layers of rock and sediments, and seashells have been found in the mountains by others. 😎

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