Today’s Joyride

Here are four photos taken this afternoon on another joyride as I call them. Basically just getting the hell out of the house for a bit. Today is the clearest sky I’ve seen around here for several days now, and almost zero clouds too. nice! It’s not as warm today as the weather service claimed it would be which is nice.

When the temperature becomes more autumn-like, I will be taking some slow hikes around Calico Basin and other areas. Great photo opportunities, and great for the body! I really need the exercise too…

4 thoughts on “Today’s Joyride

    • Like the east side, the west side can have some very steep changes in elevation. My ears always plug up when flying, I get the same effect but more slowly when ascending and descending these slopes. The Stratosphere Tower is around 950 foot I think, some roads on this side as high or higher than the tower. Mountain love!

        • You know, that’s a darn good point! The reason I mention this is that before I had a pickup with a real engine and transmission, I had a little four-door Nissan.

          It was dependable and sipped gas compared to my 232 CID V-6 these days. But it’s the transmission in that brand.

          As far as I can find, the trans is very much like, if not the same basic design as, a snowmobile powertrain. That’s just wrong! A centrifugal clutch and the Converter discs that drive the track and jackshaft. Wow…

          Driving up to Mount Charleston, the engine turned WAY more RPM, the car still struggled to battle the altitude change and thinner air-to-fuel ratio. The truck just cruises on up mountain in stride! Wow.

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