Foothill Homes

Taken yesterday at the little park, you can see how homes have crept into any buildable area on the slopes of the west side. This has me wonder how new homes can continue to be built considering the current state of things. Are there enough jobs here to afford these homes? I sure hope so!

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  1. I, too, was perplexed by how strong the housing market is right now. It’s basically delayed buying due to the pandemic. Everything was shut down in the Spring which typically is the peak of home buying season. As the economy reopens, buyers and sellers (and home builders) have become very active. There was a shortage of homes even before Covid so activity has reached frenzied levels. The people who are buying now were prepared to buy in March, and not everyone lost their job. Most of the workforce was not affected by the lockdown. They are either essential workers or their employer allows them to work from home. These are the people active in the housing market.

    • Hi David, this makes sense. I recently spoke with the guy who was my agent last year when purchasing this home. According to him, the housing market in Las Vegas is going strong. So glad to hear this but there’s that little voice that has me wonder how truly stable the market is. Is anything truly stable these days??

      • There are two other factors that really help us to understand why the housing market is so strong. Millennials are entering the home buying phase of their lives … and mortgage rates are insanely low.

        If there is a problem it is this — home builders can’t build enough homes to meet the demand. It’s really become a sellers market as more buyers are chasing fewer homes which causes price inflation.

        In terms of macro economics a bit of inflation is necessary for a healthy economy. Whether in housing, stocks, or goods and services it is a sign of expansion and growth. But with regards to stability you have a point as too much inflation creates a bubble that tends to burst.

        If you were a governor at the Federal Reserve you’re probably more concerned, at this stage, with deflation like that which plagued Japan in the 1990’s.

        • Millennials… Yuck. Sorry, these people seem to have no clue about anything. I’ll be 60 in a few weeks, not old but yet I’ve seen things change for the worse in this country. They are part of the problems here.

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