A Visit to Roberto’s Taco Shop

Well, those delicious tacos were once again calling to me this morning and I couldn’t resist! While waiting, I thought to grab a photo of the logo, and me with it since the place was empty. Not very good photos!

How nice I look with my eyes closed too, eh? Anyway, the tacos are always delicious, this place has far more than tacos of course but I’m a man of limited interests. And proof that sometimes ya gotta laugh at yourself!

On a different note, I’ve removed twenty businesses today which if you have followed this site for a while will know are always removed. This is a daily record. How many of your blog or website followers are actual, genuine followers to the best of your knowledge? Have a look…

3 thoughts on “A Visit to Roberto’s Taco Shop

  1. When I called my programmer yesterday to discuss a task I sent him, he said he was out on his deck doing taco Tuesday, but I think he does tacos most days. I wonder if their is a taco dominant gene for you taco fiends?

    • OM Gosh, thanks for the belly laugh, Timothy! Dude, there is joy in eating a good taco. Pure bliss, man… šŸ˜‚šŸŒ®

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