My Daughter, Horsing Around!

Ever since she was a little girl, my lovely daughter has loved animals, any kind of animal be it the Guinea pigs she had as a child, dogs, and cats which she and her husband own these days. The horse isn’t hers but she wants to purchase the horse! She sent these to me yesterday. I wish I could give this sweet lady a bear hug!

16 thoughts on “My Daughter, Horsing Around!

    • Thanks so much, Kaya!! When she was a child, we lived in the country and had about 100 acres and a pond near the house. So much fun can be found in a country pond! And all those acres. We made a deal with a local farmer who would cut the tall grasses down and bail them. Good days!

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    • Thanks! This was about two days ago, she was in some form of competition that day and has competed before but not recently if that makes sense. I’m so proud of this girl! She married a great guy who is a youth pastor at their church. She just adores his son from a previous marriage which is wonderful too.

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