Beer and Chili

Beer and chili, an explosive combination! I whipped up this pot of chili very early this morning, I poured a tallboy into my new stein last night. A funny thing about drinking from that stein though, I felt as though I were back in the early 1980s drinking from a breast-shaped mug that had that same flavor that I can’t really describe. Something is different, perhaps it’s the lack of the familiar taste of beer from an aluminum can?

Neighborhoods, Las Vegas Style

Some of the neighborhoods in the valley are very extravagant and beautiful. These homes are what I think of as ‘midrange’ homes in terms of price point. Not far from here are homes that I believe are well over one million dollars, especially the area known as Summerlin. Big bucks homes that are well above my price point!

It’s still nice to look at them though…

A Couple Days Old

These five photos are from a couple of days ago, something different than the rocks of Calico Basin. The weather here today has been nothing short of beautiful, I wish it’d stay like this all winter…

Stroh’s Bohemian Beer Stein

I have never drunk beer from a stein as far as I can remember, but I’m going to pour some into this stein later today! I’ve tried to capture as much detail as I can in these photos.

Please visit Roadtirement’s blog and their Etsy store where I purchased this stein.

As you can see in a photo, the stein is numbered and part of a larger set, I wonder where it’s brother and sister mugs are these days? Stroh’s beer is made in Detroit, Michigan so I have a bit in common with this mug!

Petroglyphs Along The Boardwalk

One very large boulder along the boardwalk has these Petroglyphs on it, it’s amazing that they have been in this one location for so long. How cool would it be to be able to go backward in time to meet these people?

Desert Critter Tootsie Prints

Along the boardwalk at Red Spring, this small area always has tootsie prints left behind by the actual locals around this part of the Mojave Desert. Very cool, isn’t it? Now, I wanna vent just a bit if I may. Along this very newly reconstructed boardwalk, there are multiple signs asking you to please stay on the boardwalk!

Around halfway through my walk, I heard a child crying in the distance. I have no idea why the child was upset, but what I saw at that point just pissed me off!

Remember those signs I mentioned? Further along the path, I heard women chatting. Two women, which lends itself to the five children who were atop a huge boulder. The area that is mostly enclosed by this boardwalk is meant to be preserved as-is. Or, to represent how the actual, natural environment in this tiny prarie should look.

As you may know, I am not a native of Nevada. I come from the land of the ice and snow. Apparently, I have far more respect for this beautiful desert than born-and-raised locals do, although I have no idea if these women were born and raised here.

As I passed by these women, they said hello to me which is nice, and I responded in kind. But, I also mentioned that “you know that those children should not be out there, right”?

Silence. Silencio. Nada.

And I walked on, heading for the parking area. Seriously? I will assume that they are Millennials or Americans who haven’t got a damned clue about basic manners and what I call Decent Society. Sorry if you’re a Millennial. I don’t mean to offend, but there are still simple, basic rules of proper conduct in my country.

I never looked back, but I so much hope that these women retrieved those children who are unknowingly stomping out a preserved area. I love my adopted home, apparently much more so than assumedly born-and-raised Nevadans. Thanks for listening.