Desert Skies and Cute Critters

Here are five photos from yesterday. The Ground Squirrels are very difficult to photograph because I can’t focus fast enough most of the time, hence several critter photos were dropped into file thirteen. I want to thank two of my followers for pointing me to where I could still access the Classic editor this morning. As you may have gathered, I do have a tendency toward strong reactions to certain things. I am not proud of this, in fact, it’s a bit embarrassing. That said, how long will it be before the classic editor is trashed by WP?

7 thoughts on “Desert Skies and Cute Critters

  1. I read that WordPress has not committed to supporting Classic Editor beyond 2022. Also, to capture moving subjects you need a shutter speed of at least 1/250 sec. I typically capture birds in flight at 1/640 sec.

    • I guess this is why I will be looking for a better blog platform. I just don’t know my camera as well as I’d like to and should, David.

      • Nor do I. You can find out what the shutter speed was just to provide a frame of reference.

        Go into your picture files, right click on the image, click on properties, and click on details where you’ll see resolution, f/stop, ISO and shutter speed.

        I’m curious what the shutter speed was for the critter photos. You want it to be fairly quick to freeze the action and diminish blur. Whatever the speed indicates then you’ll know whether to program a faster shutter.

        Are you using auto, or manual settings?

        I always shoot in full Auto mode and it does a great job. All I have to do is point and shoot. The camera captures birds in flight at 1/640 sec, runners at 1/500 sec, but I can manually set it up to 1/4000 sec if I’m shooting Nascar, or an air show.

        Look for “S” on your control dial if you want to manually set the shutter speed. It will automatically set the aperture based on your selected speed, and I would recommend AF for moving subjects.

        • I’ll have a look at the shutter speed and such. I use Manual but have also used Auto on this Nikon Z6. I wanted to have a teaching session with someone from my favorite camera shop here, but then came the virus. I’d like to learn much more about this camera!

  2. Fun to watch these speedy little guys and you’ve managed some great photos. I love the layering of color of the rocks too.
    Glad to hear other bloggers have been able to help. Such a supportive community.

    • Thanks! I think the 24/70mm lens would have focused a bit faster but it was in the truck, wrapped up. I used the 24/200 Nikkor here.

      I feel a bit embarrassed about overreacting this morning about the damn block editor and so much appreciate the help from this community.

      I believe it’s only a matter of time until the classic editor is removed. Those behind the closed boardroom doors at WP are idiots. Just my thoughts…

      I will still be looking into other platforms to move to.

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