12 thoughts on “How Sharp Are Joshua Tree Tines?

  1. I can still access Classic Editor on the free plan while subscribers to the business plan can install the plugin though WordPress has not committed to supporting the old editor beyond 2022. It seems most blogging platforms are adopting advanced technology in order to meet the demands of ecommerce.

    • What is “advanced” about that thing? I find it much more difficult to use. I has you make extra clicks to what was once very simple. I can’t even drag and drop photos without extra steps. This is not progress or any form of an advancement. It is a step or three backward. It’s still true – if it works, don’t fix it.

      • Advanced in terms of being more functional for ecommerce users who can simply move, or delete blocks with ease. This is convenient if you are selling products, or want to feature a particular item, but not so practical for users who want a simple platform to post photos or write an article.

        The other thing that is important to users like us is storage. Most of the free plans include less than 1GB. Squarespace provides unlimited bandwith and storage, but plans start at $12/mo billed annually.

        Weebly, Wix, SmugMug, Site123, Tumblr, Medium and Blogger are just a few of the more popular alternatives. Look for a platform that offers a free trial and see if you like it.

  2. Fabulous pictures as always, John! They switched me to block too last night, but Tim told me there’s a way to still go to Classic. I found it on my dashboard, you go to “All posts” and under their “Add new” there’s a drop-down menu that still offers Classic. Hope that works for you also and hope they keep it that way!

    • I found that button, thanks. Why have them both? I bet it’s a matter of time until the classic editor is trashed.

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