Mojave Desert Cuteness

This tiny cutie was photographed yesterday at the Red Rock Scenic Overlook. There must have been a dozen of them scurrying about just beyond the block wall in the scrub. Zip, there goes another squirrel!

They dig up something from the sand and dirt and eat it. I wonder what they are eating? You can read more about the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel here. The beautiful Mojave Desert always surprises you!

18 thoughts on “Mojave Desert Cuteness

  1. How wonderful that you were able to capture images of this quick ground squirrel, John. They are entertaining, and yes, very cute.

  2. I have some pics of them at Red Rock Canyon too. We saw them around the Las Vegas area but mostly concentrated there. You got better shots than I did. They wouldn’t stay still! 🙂

    • He is! They scurry about, digging up whatever it is and eating it. Sometimes they come nose-to-nose too while laying down on their little bellies. Kissy! ❤️😂

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