Welcome to Las Vegas

Here are a couple iPhone photos from I think 2017 while I was waiting for my ride to Michigan via that nasty Chicago O’Hare airport. Not much to see here except the usual one-armed bandits and a Wheel of Fortune machine. McCarran International of course has tons of these bandits in many forms waiting to rob you!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Las Vegas

  1. I remember in the early ’70’s taking a university geology field trip in Nevada. I was surprised to see a couple of one armed bandits in a little roadside diner, then realized that they were everywhere in Nevada. I am not surprised to see the slot machines in the airport.

    • I see – the damn things are even in almost any gas station you walk into as well. Honestly, it really grinds my gears to see people flushing their money down the head like that. Give it to me, I’ll pay a monthly bill or put some fuel in my truck! I’ve been here seven years and have never once put one red cent into any kind of gambling machine. My money is in the bank where it belongs! The early 1970s eh? I was ten in 1970!

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