North Bound, East Bound

Just a couple more photos taken on another beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas Valley. Today I drove to a local park this afternoon not only to get the heck out of the house but also to hook up a CB radio I’ve had for a long time. What did I hear on those forty CB radio channels? Almost nothing! I heard a couple guys talking on channel five speaking Spanish.

The only other voice I heard was one guy who sounded as though he were on a CB Base Station with big, booming audio and perhaps using a Beam antenna which is a directional antenna. He said “is there anyone here still?” or something close to that. He then vanished. I tossed a couple calls out there myself and heard zero replies. Hohum, CB doesn’t enthuse me much these days, fresh out of High School.

I assumed there would be a few truckers on the two fifteen or the fifteen freeways but nope! We may be at the bottom of the Sunspot Cycle right now too. What is that? Have a look at this link, it will give you a general idea of what I am talking about. I started my radio hobby in 1980 I believe and have been active in one form or another ever since those days.

Apparently, we radio hobbyists are approaching Solar Cycle twenty-five. What happens is the solar wind from the sun interacts with the earth’s Ionosphere which causes the ionosphere to reflect transmitted radio waves to bounce off of, or be reflected by, the ionosphere which is one part of Earth’s atmosphere.

There are at least a couple different ways people express this ability to communicate hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles beyond what is normally possible. Some call it Skip, while others refer to this as DX or DXing. Both terms mean the same thing which is the ability to communicate with others at a great distance. I hope this has been interesting for you! 73′ DE John XXXXX and QRT.

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