The Tiny Hiker

Can you spot the lone tiny hiker atop Lone Mountain? Lone Mountain is around just 550 feet high and is a local favorite for residents to climb via the trail on the north slope. I’ve mentioned this little mountain in this space before. I would really love to climb the trail and summit the peak, but my little heart just isn’t into it…

9 thoughts on “The Tiny Hiker

        • It’s been 18 years since I was diagnosed with CHF and I’m still alive and kickin’!! 😂❤️😎

            • I’m sure working on that, Anneli! I’ve had the idea of moving back home fairly often recently. I think it’s partially because of my health issues, and because I miss my family so much of course. The virus has had a big impact on me regarding this. It’s a huge undertaking! I can ‘t do much though until this virus runs it’s course though.

                • I totally agree. I continue to reject moving home because of the climate, mostly. The bugs, the road salt and rotting vehicles. Driving on black ice! Yikes. My dad and sister were going to come to Vegas for a visit which I was totally pumped about, then came the virus. I never liked Corona beer anyway haha! 😬😂

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