Wendy Ripped Me Off…

OK, I really don’t want to be all complaining and such, but yesterday’s overpriced fast-food delivery sucked beyond the price of the delivery. I ordered two Spicy Chicken sandwiches and two large chilis. I’ve been a fan of Wendy’s for as long as I can remember, and remember when the chicken sandwich was much larger.

Today, the same sandwich is smaller and likely costs much more. Thank you very much, corporate America.

Both of the bowls of chili were barely beyond fifty percent filled. Hey Wendy, thank you ripping me off! Your such a sweet lady. I’ve been kind of stewing over this, pun intended, since yesterday. Yeah, it’s a bit petty yet there are some things in life that just crank me off and I’ve just gotta speak my mind.

Read this email I sent to Wendy today!

Yesterday afternoon, I ordered two large chili and two spicy chicken sandwiches for delivery.

Everything was good except for the chili bowls not being nearly as full as they should be. Both were just beyond one half full. I remember those spicy chicken sandwiches years ago, they were MUCH larger than they are today, today the size is a ripoff.

Am I to assume that Wendy is now cheating the public with half-filled chili bowls? I would like to believe that the managers at each location are usually paying more attention to things like this. I’ve been cheated.

Am I a pompous ass or what! How dare I speak my mind, eh?

16 thoughts on “Wendy Ripped Me Off…

  1. I always get irritated when fast food places try to rip their customers off. I bought a pizza a few days ago and they left out two of the toppings I had ordered and put one that I had specifically asked them not to put because I’m allergic to it and I ended up picking it off. You need to let them know because otherwise they will think they can get away with it.

  2. I applaud you, John! Especially now, businesses can’t be negligent in how they treat their customers. I would complain to the store, then their corporate CEO if you didn’t get a good answer from the store. I’ve done this, and the result, while mixed, was satisfying. I made a blog post of my complaint about a chicken sandwich (coincidentally!) I got screwed on at the local McDonald’s, too, with photos. When I posted on the internet review for the store, I copied my post. When I sent the complaint to the top, I sent a link to the same post. In fact, the same post automatically posts to my Facebook page, so I got my point across high and low! When I pay over seven dollars for a sandwich, I expect it to be edible. The one I got was dried out from too much time under the heat lamp. It was so tough, I couldn’t bite through it!

    • Man that’s nasty! Send the tire back to them! Still no reply today from Wendy, apparently she’s too busy to bother with we peons who keep them in business. 😠

      • I got a phone call from corporate and a letter from the franchise owner, a letter that sounded canned. I got my satisfaction by leaving the post on their reviews and boycotting the store for over two years now.

        • Good for you! Hit them where it hurts most. A canned response sounds like my complaints with the dopey WP happiness engineers. What a crock. I’m still considering moving away from WP. It’s only a matter of time before they remove the real editor, leaving us stuck with that piece of shit block editor.

  3. I don’t think you’ve mentioned this before, David. That’s quite a story! I think this is entirely shameful that these damn companies willfully rip off their customers. But that’s corporate America, right?

    Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they are down! Kick em’ in the balls, all around. When I make my own chili at home, I never rip myself off… By the way, still no reply from Wendy and her partners in rip off Americans. Here’s to Wendy… 🖕🏻

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