People From The Future That I really Love

If you’ve followed this meager blog for a while, then you already know of my life-long love for the entire Star Trek franchise. Back in the 1960s when Star Trek TOS was first aired, I recall sitting on the floor in my parent’s bedroom watching the first episodes with mom and dad.

Those were the beginnings, the first days of a life-long love for anything Science Fiction, especially when it comes to Outerspace. Do you too love the Doctor Who series? I’m right there with you! I wasn’t so sure that I’d enjoy the series any longer when actress Jodi Whittaker became The Doctor.

I was very pleasantly surprised by her performance and came to love her as The Doctor. Another season is in the works I’ve read, but it looks like it’ll be released in 2021 because of COVID and other issues I read about yesterday. I await the next flight of the Tardis, Doctor!

But the entire Star Trek series has always been my most-loved and treasured science fiction series, it doesn’t matter which series it is, from TOS to the newest movies. That said, I want to point out that I’m certainly not the author of any of these photographs, and claim zero copyright.

The photo with Sir Patrick Stewart and William Shatner in the garden is wonderful. They are both great captains of different versions of the Enterprise! Both great actors and men. I follow several actors and actresses from the different series on Instagram too. Instagram still has a few redeeming qualities…

14 thoughts on “People From The Future That I really Love

  1. I am a Star TRek fan, and Doctor Who fan, although I stopped watching after Colin Baker, as the show went off the air in my area, back east, many years ago.

    I have met Michael Dorn at a convention, also long ago.

    • Wow, that must have been interesting, Ingrid. I looked her up quickly, she died in 1995 in a damn car crash here! So sad. The roads here are just not safe. You’ve always GOT to be on the defensive!

      • Ah, so much more to the story of her passing. It was right in front of her house on a residential street… husband kind of involved (not his fault though). When she passed, I became the broker of her firm for a few months until we moved to CO. Plus I didn’t want to be involved in any biz with that dishonest man.

  2. I never watch anything CBS, pay or not. I guess Sir Patrick is getting some cash, I follow him on IG. I’ve seen that episode with Will Wheaton, he’s a good actor but I dislike his politics… I agree with Sir Patrick, time has gone by too damn fast. I was just 25!

    • Good points! Some days seem to pass much faster but it seems to be tied into what time I roll outta bed!

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