Something Old, Something New

Good morning! Happy Tuesday wherever you are today. So what’s new? Just the photo of my Lantana that is still growing like weeds, they’ve stopped sucking up so much water though because it’s cooler now which is nice. It’s been in the 60s overnight which feels a bit cool. Cool to me since I’m used to 100+ degree weather.

What’s old? That not so good image from the iPhone, taken in 2017 I think back home in Michigan. Damn, why didn’t I take the Nikon with me on that trip! The same trip where I went to my daughter’s (delayed) wedding reception and got some shitty iPhone photos instead. I have been wanting to take a ride into the mountains again, but I never seem to make it out of the house, my leather couch is just too comfortable…

6 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. The iPhone photo looks great. Are you thinking it needs more contrast, clarity, different colors? I use my iPhone a lot. If you are not making large prints, the camera hardly matters anymore.

    • Thanks, Tim. The colors seem to run together, they look smeared to me. There’s not much definition… I so regret not taking my Nikon on that trip!

      • Hmm. On the photos of the tree I posted last night, one photo was taken with a Canon full frame pro camera and expensive Canon L lens. The other was taken with my iPhone SE (the bottom crap of the line iPhone). Can you tell which photos was taken with which device?

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