As The Seasons Change

As the season’s change, it’s nice to see that some things haven’t changed. The seasonal changes around Earth still occur as they should. The seasonal temperature change in Las Vegas is right on time, bringing with it an end to the ridiculously extra hot summer of 2020. I wonder if this winter will bring tons of rain with it?

15 thoughts on “As The Seasons Change

  1. I hope this wasn’t directed at me, I think someone else’s comments were deleted here? I thought we were having an amicable chat. I have two adult children too and I drive a diesel van 5 hours every day for work. My current car is a small petrol one – but my next one won’t be, but likely still a hybrid at this stage, unless battery technology changes. I’m also human … none of us are perfect. We can only do the best we can with the resources and knowledge available to us. The beauty about science is it’s not a fixed idea. Scientists constantly challenging every theory to be proven either right or wrong. I’m happy to be proven wrong.

  2. I expect we’ll see even more extremes in weather events in the not too distant future. All the water being evaporated up into the sky from melting glaciers and the ice caps has to come back down somewhere! And harvesting icebergs will be unsustainable, it won’t be long before there’s none left, unless we immediately massively reduce greenhouse emissions globally.

    • This is where we go different ways in terms of the global warming thing. I don’t believe that mankind has anything to do with it. The geologic record already proves that Earth has been through many many warming and cooling cycles over millions of years. I can send you a photo of the smog over Las Vegas Valley! It has nothing to do with GW. Just one guys opinion! 😎

      • And your entitled to your opinion, though this cycle has come around a lot faster than previous cycles. It’s not like the world will end, just reset itself like it has previously. The use of chlorofluorocarbons were shown to affect the ozone layer – so what we do does affect the atmosphere. Let’s just say even if it is not man induced, would it still not hurt to clean up our act? Not just air pollution, but plastic as well, to leave a better planet for our kids and grandkids? After all, it’s unlikely we’ll find another planet close enough to inhabit – just my opinion 😀

        • It is impossible to power everything with solar and wind. Why can’t these Nazis in Sacramento understand this? These enviro-freaks are so out of control.

          • Evil is as evil does, David.

            I don’t mean to direct my comments at you in any way, I won’t do that… I’m just so damned tired of how things have changed over the years in this country, and it ain’t all good!

        • I see your points and in reality it’s all futile. A massive solar flare in our direction would have a pretty instant effect on our standard of living, as would a large asteroid impact or a super volcano like Yosemite or even many smaller ones along a fault line. These seemingly far fetched and unlikely events have happened previously but if we were to focus and worry about those we might as well just top ourselves now, or start praying feverishly to your favourite deity.
          These things are out of our hands, but the thin layer of atmosphere around our sphere is something we can and do have an impact on over time and that has an effect on how normal solar radiation reacts with it – heat reflection and absorption. I understand solar power needs silica mined too so not completely “green”, and same goes for battery storage – production and disposal. Here we use dams for power storage here, which massively alters river landscapes and ecosystems so again, not really “green”. Hydrogen is the next thing being pushed here, but that still requires large amounts of energy to produce. Nuclear power is “clean” to produce, but there’s a massive problem with waste at the end or if something were to go wrong at the plant. It seems everything has it’s problems and negative impact, but it’s figuring out which combination works best – a power revolution if you will.
          Personally I think the best restrictive measures we could impose globally is on ourselves, there’s just to many of us! I guess if we don’t do something about that, the Earth (or your deity) eventually will.

          • So then, I’m a terrible human for driving a truck that eats petrol, and have two beautiful children that I love so much?

            • Sorry but your previous comment really pissed me off. Your Kalifornia is exposed. How dare you indirectly attack my children. You are not welcome here.

      • Billions and billions of gallons will simply flood, and/or runoff into the ocean. I’ve seen no engineering plans on how to channel, store, and distribute the excess rain water. It surely would cost billions and billions of dollars.

        • I’ll never understand why the hell people want to live below sea level regarding New Orleans. Crazy! Sooner or later, the sea will take back what belongs to it.

          Our federal government is too preoccupied with finding better ways to kill people overseas, and wasting money on NASA. And Space X. There is zero reason to blow billions of dollars on getting to a dead world called Mars when people in America are in deep need of help. Fix America first! But that requires Common Sense, something that vacated America long ago.

            • Wow. Seems this will never happen though. Nobody has a solid solution for the crisis at the Salton Sea. Nothing gets done, too many opinions and organizations causing too many problems.

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