From the Desert to My Backyard

Here are two desert photos from early today, and two photos taken this afternoon in my backyard. You’ve never seen photos of my tiny backyard, have you? Haha! The weather today is just perfect!

8 thoughts on “From the Desert to My Backyard

  1. Wow, that view is STUNNING!! looks like an easy to maintain private yard. A liitle envious of the low maintenance bit.

    • Thanks so much! The Mojave Desert never fails to amaze me after being here a few years now. I do like my little backyard, so small but it and the entire property are so easy to maintain. I worked on a huge estate in Michigan for 20+ years. That was serious work. This place is incredibly simple.

      • I live on 1.5 acres, that’s more than enough work for me 🙂 Beyond my boundary is my shared backyard of Mt Wellington Park, a great playground – at least I don’t have to maintain that 🙂

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