Paralleling The Fault Line

Early today, I decided I needed some fresh air so I loaded the camera, some munchies, and water on board the truck and headed south for Charleston Boulevard. Turning west, it’s a fairly short drive to exit the city proper.

I hadn’t been further south toward what is left of Bonnie Springs for a while so I went further south on Charleston Boulevard. This portion of the road parallels the fault line on the right, always a beautiful sight.

After having a look at where Bonnie Springs Ranch once stood, I’m fairly sure that even more of the buildings have been smashed and hauled away to the dump. These developers should be in said dump as well.

Here are a few photos from today taken very close to the dead ranch, there are tons of beautiful Joshua trees in this area, the high walls of the distant fault line make a great looking background at a mile or so away.

I also hit Calico Basin and, as usual, the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels were out in force, scurrying every which way so I tossed just a very few bits of peanuts out for them. I should use bird feed seeds instead!

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14 thoughts on “Paralleling The Fault Line

  1. Beautiful nature and great shots ! My compliments for your whole blog, it would be nice to follow your postings. Greetings from Belgium, Rudi

  2. Even though I worked for a builder, I hated seeing the desert get torn up for development. I like the look of the blog and your photos.

    • Hi Ingrid, thanks so much for your comment on the look of the blog. I recently changed it up to an all-white look. On the way back home, I remembered your comment about living near a school here. When you finally drive out of the city, there is now a huge subdivision that has sprawled toward Red Rock Canyon on your right. It doesn’t go nearly that far out but it is encroaching bit by bit into that beautiful area.

      It wasn’t there when I moved here 7 years ago and it really grinds my gears. I’m from Michigan, and sometimes I get the feeling that I see the Mojave Desert in a different light than the long-time locals do. The ecology here is very fragile, yet these damned developers see nothing but bank deposits. It’s still true – ya can’t take it with ya when ya die…

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