Baked Turkey Kielbasa

This Kielbasa needed to be cooked up, so I popped it in the Breville oven late last eve. It’s a bit too salty but still really delicious! It made a tasty breakfast too. On a different note – I had an appointment at then this morning to have my permanent crown installed. I showed up on time, the crew got to work on this.

After several minutes of trying to fit the crown, the assistant called in the doctor. Guess what? The damn crown doesn’t fit as it should. Wonderful. To get the tooth ready for a different crown, I had to be numbed up again, and I despise this because I always bite the inside of my mouth which I’ve already done this morning.


This once again proves that we never know what each day will throw at us… It was tough eating lunch!

2 thoughts on “Baked Turkey Kielbasa

    • Every day is different! The numbness is wearing off now. I bit the inside of my mouth again, dammit! 🤨

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