The Desert Roach Coach

In the 1980s when I was working full time at the family business, I was used to seeing the Lunch Wagon show up each morning and at noon too. The standard joke was that the “Roach Coach” has arrived in the main, larger shop area inside. Lunchtime! This was a cool time to say hey, what’s up, and chat with your friends in other departments. It was a very family-like workplace, and I do miss those years so much.

Honestly, I don’t recall a single incident when the food was that terrible or had roaches in it!

Obviously, it’s just food truck cuisine, but it sure hits the right spot when you’re very busy with your work. I was on the way to the open desert as I call it, basically (not quite) outside of the city proper. Many times I’ve passed by this intersection where the work crews are working very hard at building ever more high-dollar homes. How the hell can people afford these very nice desert homes considering current human events?

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