Assorted Photos

Good morning from the valley where it’s seventy degrees and just fifteen percent humidity at my home. This morning I put together four new photos, all taken recently. The turkey kielbasa was really delicious when baked slowly in the Breville. That deep blue sky over Turtlehead Peak looks wonky due to reducing the file size to satisfy WordPress.

My little backyard and Wilson the faux tortoise you’ve likely seen before. And how about that sunset last night taken at the end of my street? At least there were a few clouds which without there is no photogenic sunset in my opinion. According to NOAA, our high-temperature today will be just ninety-two degrees which is for me, just perfect!

8 thoughts on “Assorted Photos

  1. That sunset oozes calm and tranquility John. Sending our very best wishes. As it cools down there the same is happening here only we are now close to freezing at night.

    • Brrr, so cold! It’s really nice to be out of the city for a change, and to enjoy just the sound of a gentle breeze. No barking dogs or neighbors driving way too fast in the neighborhood.

  2. Ahh, what a joy when the temperatures come down out of the hundreds. Sounds like a great day, John, and your photos are wonderful.

  3. Down to 92! That is good. 15% humidity would be a bit rough for me, but I bet one doesn’t have much trouble with building rot down there. The winter rains will come in earnest here soon. It’s damp and 44 degrees here this morning, but should clear and get up to about 70 today. I have to start getting plants in from the porch soon, before frost hits. Do you even get frost in Vegas?

    • Yes, 92 feels wonderful, is 80 right now. You guys get an incredible amount of rain up there, seems like that would get boring after a while. During the last marriage, we had rented a small home with a pool which was really nice. In winter, that pool had just enough ice on it to hold up a lawn chair. yes, it can get chilly here but it’s the High Desert. Too much like Michigan!

    • Thanks very much, guys! Wilson hasn’t moved much lately. I had another piece of that kielbasa for breakfast! Yum.

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