Beautiful Vistas and Cuteness on The Desert Floor

Hare a few more photos taken the other day. I want a cute squirrel for a pet LOL!! ❤️

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Vistas and Cuteness on The Desert Floor

  1. Love the landscapes John. As to those squirrels I may have mentioned that we had squirrels move into a vent in our house a few years ago. I always had thought they were cute until the fiasco of trying to get them out of the house. I’ll give them points for determination!

    • You mean the big squirrels! they are capable of doing a ton of damage, I’ve seen them trash thin gs back in Michigan. They are cute to, but they are still rodents! They’ve chewed on the power lines inside my folks’ place in Michigan too. Nasty varmints!

      • Yes the black or brown ones. Sorry to hear about the damage at your folks place. We thankfully got
        ours out before we had too much damage.

        • That’s good news! I’ve seen the black squirrels before, but only in Port Huron, Michigan, right across the Saint Clair River and Sarnia, Ontario. Further inland where I lived they were the usual brown or gray. Something like that. All rodents!

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