They Better Notta!

They better not have! I came across this terrible sight the other day while getting some recent photos of the Joshua trees. Why? Why the hell do this? If they were actually ignited in this location, it’s a miracle that the desert wasn’t set afire! It’s still true, folks, some folk have zero gray matter inside that skull… I added another sunset photo, and a couple of photos taken the other day when I came upon that box of spent fireworks.

7 thoughts on “They Better Notta!

  1. Firework is only for professionals, here in Belgium,unless all restrictions, it’s sold via illegal chanels or people buy it over the boarder in the Nethelands.

    • That should be the case here as I’ve seen so many accidents. People have lost hands and fingers because they are not being responsible. Thanks for stopping by! 😊

  2. Makes one rethink their view on forced sterilization…some definitely need to be stopped from contributing to the gene pool: the fireworks idiots fit the bill.

    • It’s so damn ignorant! I am only assuming that they were lit here, but it seems the odds are pretty good that they were. Why are some people so damn ignorant!!

    • Wake the heck up on sooo many levels! What a year. Hurricanes, that virus, the wildfires… These folks had no brains in that skull.

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