Chili Fries and Chicken with Chips

For lunch today, I decided to pan-fry this single chicken breast instead of baking it. Frying seems faster but it always comes out a bit dry whereas baking it in the Breville keeps it really moist and juicy. No big deal though, just add your favorite BBQ sauce or Heinz 57 sauce. Yummy! I whipped up that nasty looking but so dang delicious plate of chili fries late last night. It really was good, I promise! Nobody goes hungry here!

4 thoughts on “Chili Fries and Chicken with Chips

  1. When I make chile fries the fries are covered with Mexican 4 cheese blend and green chile. Yours is con carne, frijoles y salchicha. El pollo y patatas fritas looks good. Sorry for the sorry Español, but I couldn’t resist.

    • Si Si my friend! Are you referring to the bagged cheese from the store? And where do you get Green Chili? Obviously, I’m not a good cook!

      • Not that you are not a good cook, I was just commenting on the difference. Green chile is easy to get here because we grow it in New Mexico. You can look for 505 Hatch roasted green chile, or Bueno foods green chile out your way. You might find some green chile in the frozen section, but I would guess green chile might be hard to find in Las Vegas.

        • OK, thanks for the tip! I knew what you meant. My fairly large baby bump says I’m eating pretty good… 😂

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