15 thoughts on “Yes I Did!

  1. I agree that everyone should vote. I do have a different take on the issues. I have friends with the same viewpoint and those who differ. For the sake of harmony and my waning health, I do my best to avoid discussions, and uh, making certain statements about them.

    • I refrain from telling my political perspectives in this space, politics have no place here beyond what I’ve posted. This just a photo blog…I hope you feel better! 😊

  2. I disagree with your take on it, but I agree on one important fact: We both made our voices count by voting! I encourage everyone, regardless of how they feel about the issues and characters running for office, to vote.

    • I had the same basic thought, Anneli. This is a really important election, our damned Democraps are trying to tear the constitution apart.

      • I’ve been watching the U.S. news (the real news) and it worries us even here in Canada. If the left does what they threaten to do, the economy will tank and jobs will be lost. It will be terrible.

        • That’s what these evil people want, they are despicable. They want everyone to depend on the government teet for survival. I’m gonna get nasty on them so I’ll end this comment. 🇺🇸

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