Down Below

I got out of this house for a couple of hours today and headed east across the valley. Taking Lake Mead Boulevard, I drove higher above the valley floor until I had begun going down on the east side of a small range of hills. Along the way, I was amazed and disgusted with the amount of broken glass and rubbish along the road through this area.

It’s been like this a good while I’m sure, but this time, there were many more couches, chairs, and miscellaneous trash laying about. There is even a burned to a crisp fiberglass hull of a boat laying on the dirt. I have a photo of that and the trash which I’m sure you’ll want to see, haha. I find the complete lack of respect for this beautiful desert so vile.

Getting to and from these locations was made just a bit easier this time as I did a bit of searching the roads with Google Earth on the iPad. Since I know the roads so well around Las Vegas, using the satellite imagery is a snap. I was able to avoid tons of heavy traffic on the larger, five-lane roads. I hope you like the images, the quality isn’t what I want.