A Simple Breakfast

Good morning! I woke up at six AM and thought about whipping up some eggs and toast. The eggs needed to be used up anyway so here it is, so simple and delicious! You’ll notice that I’ve stopped making them over-easy. Wrecking them is much faster anyway. There are four eggs on the plate, my toaster only makes two slices at a time or I’d have four slices! Today promises sunshine and ninety degrees, not bad for October!

8 thoughts on “A Simple Breakfast

  1. I like to sauté onions and add grated cheddar into my scrambled eggs since plain scrambled eggs are something I don’t care for. I used to be a big catsup user on eggs, but now add salsa for another disguise to the egg flavor. I’m fortunate to be able to make two pieces of toast – or four – since that is the perfect thing to have with scrambled eggs!

    Oddly enough, a simple boiled egg with salty and pepper (and toast, of course) is something I don’t need to make fancy to eat.

    • OK. The salsa sounds like a dandy idea! I’ve never been a fan of boiled eggs but as a kid, my mother had a little round thing that cooked the eggs, or steamed them. Not sure, but mom and dad sure sure at lots of them! That was long ago.

      • My family comes from Scotland a couple generations back, and those boiled eggs was a big part of my Grandmother’s influence on my Mother’s idea of what was good for breakfast. The idea kind of repels me since I don’t care much for eggs unless I can add something to them to de-eggify them. LOL! I have one of the “egg poachers”, which actually is a steam, as you note. I do like eggs steamed in them and put on top of waffles. The syrup helps de-eggify them. What really gags me is when I get an egg served that has partially uncooked white or yolk. Ugh! Eggs Benedict, then, is never on my menu.

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