At Downtown Summerlin Today Two

Here is round two from Summerlin this morning, I hope you enjoy these. While I was there, I sat down for a bit and called my dad back in Michigan, we had a nice conversation as always. In the last couple of days, I’ve been missing my family more and really needed to hear a familiar voice.

I worry about my dad so much as he is ninety-two years young.

I feel like this damned virus is stealing time that should be spent with him and my children and sister as I haven’t been able to make my usual two trips up there each summer. Of course, millions of people are in the same or similar situations, but that’s not much consolation is it.

8 thoughts on “At Downtown Summerlin Today Two

  1. John you might look into renting an RV for a trip back to Michigan. You’ll have your own food, bathroom, and you can plan routes and book RV parks ahead. It is really one of the safest way to travel these days. Check out . We have seen lots of these on the road. Their “Standard” model is close to what we have.

  2. I suppose you could drive, but it’s a pretty long way to go. Let’s hope this virus wears itself out by spring and maybe a vaccine will change things for us.

    • I so hope a vaccine will be developed! Driving has its own set of dangers along the way. It’s tempting but not gonna happen. I’d have to rent a car too since I won’t drive my five-year-old truck up there. It’s in pristine condition and has just 22K miles.

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