Big Views, Cacti and A Closed Play Area

Here’s another children’s play structure that has been locked down. I hate this damn virus, it’s stolen so much from all of us. Just don’t go playing around in the Barrel Cacti, children… The view of the foothills was taken from the upper deck walkway, looking west. The two-fifteen freeway is in front of those tightly-packed homes. That’s how we do it here, my home is very close to my neighbors on either side. Squish!

9 thoughts on “Big Views, Cacti and A Closed Play Area

  1. The virus has affected so much of everyday life. This will not be the last contagion to come through. I also wear gloves and a mask at work, and use hand sanitizer on the gloves. Stay safe and well, John!

  2. Lovely image. Scientists have said it can last over 20 days on a phone screen – I guess in ideal conditions. I think it is transmitted when people touch an infected surface and then their face, which is one reason masks are affective, as well as stopping saliva droplets. I started wearing gloves at work as I handle lots of mail and parcels, it made me aware of just how many times I was unconsciously touching my face!!

    • Thanks so much. It’s just human nature for us to touch our faces often I think. I just received a parcel, I wonder every time what is on the damn box, or in them! I doust my hands with hand santiser right away and wipe down door handles and countertops. Scary days we live in, eh?

  3. Closing play areas in the desert makes no sense. The virus would not last long on the play structures in the heart and dry conditions where you are and where we are.

    • Are you sure of this, Tim? I’m not doubting you at all, just hoping you are right! I’ve read about what this virus is made of, 70+ percent alcohol kills it but can the heat do this? It’s not so hot here now too (for me) in the low 90s.

      • Our intense sunshine does a good job of killing things like viruses and bacteria. My dentist does ultraviolet bursts in rooms that clients have been in to sterilize them. Covid-19 is on the surface of most things. I’ve read it’s not as easily transmitted for from surfaces. Of course, there is so many different opinions about how long it lives on surfaces of objects that like everything else I’m sure most of the opinions are crap. But given viruses of all types live on surfaces, we all should be sick all the time from the stuff we touch if viruses were easily transmitted from those objects.

          • Maybe, but cold usually preserves things. Global cooling during the Little Ice age that started taking hold around 1300 most likely helped the plague spread in the mid-14th century.

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