Build A Bear

Have you built a bear lately? Neither have I! This store has been here a long time, I wonder they are doing under the current situation. The pond meanders around an open space and is always super clean too but there are no fish in there. I wonder how many little kids have gone for a swim in the pond? Ooops!

13 thoughts on “Build A Bear

      • The nearest is Nottingham from where I live in Mansfield. It’s been there some years. But I don’t know how many. It’s popular. Not been in myself, but when down Nottingham regular one time and so passing it regular, there was always someone in. And someone I used to know been there, or her family a few times. 🙂

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        • How amazing that your friends have been there too! Some day I’m going to visit the United Kingdom. I really want to experience this as my own genes are from there. A bit like going home you could say. 🇬🇧🥰

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