This nasty critter got itself stuck on one of many sticky pads I have throughout my home. I always ask the pest control tech to leave a few extras for this purpose. There are four of these in the garage too, I take scorpions very seriously! I’ve never been stung as yet, but when I was married, my stepson was stung getting out of the shower.

That was a really bad experience for him. We took him to a satellite emergency room where he was given a rabies injection I think, which counters the scorpion’s sting. While they are nasty critters, humans need to remember that we have invaded their territory. They are a part of living in the Mojave Desert! I hope I never meet one in bed…

According to this link, this may be a Bark Scorpion.

22 thoughts on “Scorpion

  1. Oh dear, this is so scary!!! I always wondered how your home was kep away from them…. I know in your land, especially hot weather, should be a place for them. But, actually we have in here too. In a few years ago I met one of them. It was small and dark colour, how I was panic… so in village home I always being very hesitate… this year, my love at the end accpeted to call the techicians for pest control. I am glad you are fine, but be carefull dear John, I can’t say I loved this photograph, but seems it died… Love, nia

    • Yes, the scorpion died, that’s the idea, Nia. My home is sprayed for psts about every two months or so but it doesn’t really stop the scorpions.

      • hmmm! But the good part is the weather changes… getting cold. I hope they won’t visit us…

        • I’ve read that they come inside homes here to escape the powerful sun, and also hide under debris. I don’t recall seeing inside in winter though. I hope they stay out!!

    • No worries, just stomp it out literally with your foot, or use something hard you can easily lift. Splat!

      They smush easily. Last year, I was making something to eat in the kitchen and watching the tube in the living room too. Small home.

      There was a big one walking on the wall right near where I was.

      I picked up my tenny and exploded it with the shoe. No worries! 😂

  2. It doesn’t look like a bark scorpion, but it’s a scorpion. I like scorpions. I haven’t seen them in the valley, but we have them on the mesas. Tarantula’s, also. We don’t have bark scorpions in these parts.

    • Thanks, Tim. I wasn’t sure that’s what it is either, the photo wasn’t exactly like the one in my photo. It’s about an inch, maybe a bit longer but I’m glad it got stuck. I tend to keep an eye out for them on the walls and floor regardless of the spraying the pest company does. That stuff doesn’t seem to work on them.

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