Taco Monday

Here are six photos taken late this morning on the way to and from Roberto’s Taco Shop. It’s yet another beautiful day in the valley today, the 80s are coming later this week.

Still very nice weather but I’ll miss these perfect days over the winter months. My Michigan hometown will 50s and 40s this week, Las Vegas will see the 80s as mentioned, but cooling into the 70s soon.

The 70s will seem a bit too cool for this seasoned desert rat…

16 thoughts on “Taco Monday

    • My neighbors have, and a few up and down the streets too. I like this too, I hope that Christmas Spirit will shine through too this December. Lord knows of course that the world needs this.

    • You betcha! I’ve made them at home with limited success as I’m too lazy to cut up all the veggies and get all of the proper ingredients. Bachelor life… ๐Ÿ˜‚๐ŸŒฎ

  1. My programmer had Taco Monday, also. Must be taco wavelength affecting you two.

        • That’s good too. I have an old CB you may have seen, once in a long while it goes in the truck and Breaker One Niner! Not much fun these days.

          • Is there any good CB chatter these days? I remember when it got so popular in the late 70s.

            • Not right now in terms of DXing. We are at the bottom of the Solar Cycle. Local radio traffic is low here.

              Cycle 25 is just now starting to get going.

              Every 11 years or so, the sun becomes more then less active in terms of sunspots which are responsible for causing our Ionosphere to reflect radio waves on frequencies from the low end of the radio spectrum, all the way into the High Band VHF range.

              Hence, it becomes very easy to communicate with stations hundreds of miles away on very low power.

              At the bottom of the cycle, local comms only are more likely. I got started in radio because of the popularity of CB in the late 70s when I was finishing High School. Licensed since the 1980s for ham radio.

              • Do you remember the movie “Convey” with Kris Kristofferson? It was a product of the late 70s CB craze. It was filmed in New Mexico in 1978. They built a house off a sharp corner on the road to Placitas on the north end of the Sandias for a car to drive off a cliff and land in the house. I watched them do the stunt. They overshot their trajectory so the car just took off part of the roof instead of crashing into the house. It was fun to watch the stunt. I never bothered to see the movie.

                • OM Gosh, it’s funny that you never saw the movie, Tim! I have seen just a bit of it it seems, but it’s pretty goofy. My best memory of any Kris Kristofferson movie is the movie called Dance With Me from 1998. I just love that movie, not because of him, but the music, characters, dancing and drama are so good. Haven’t seen it anywhere on TV in a very long time.


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