The Color of Yellah

I haven’t uploaded any Lantana flower photos lately, they are still hanging on since it’s not been remotely chilly here yet. When the time comes, I’ll cut them back. They may not need repotting until next summer. My ex seemed annoyed with my pronunciation of some words like Yellow and Window.

I’m not the only one from up north that speaks this way, ok? Grr. It’s Windah, and Yellah, OK? A creek is a Crick, and so on and on. How about a little Aye, too? Not everyone is from California, thankfully! 😂

16 thoughts on “The Color of Yellah

    • Hi Kaya, I’ve never smelled any fragrance from them, but my nose isn’t that sensitive these days. Maybe it’s because of having been a smoker many years ago. I don’t know.

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